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Agobio (Short Film)

Antonia has lived all of her life tormented. Suffering from social anxiety and depression has not been easy, especially due to social rejection and lack of empathy. But nothing she's ever experienced can compare to the pain of living with the consequences of a devastating accident that changed her life.

All My Love, C (Short Film)

A young Hispanic woman is diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and is determined to become her own support system during her last conscious days.

Bi-Color (Feature Film)

Fabiola is forced to look for another job that can sponsor her stay in the USA before her current status expires in only six months, that is when her roommate Vivian suggest a (crazy) idea: What if they make use of a newly recognized civil right, courtesy of the Supreme Court, and marry each other posing as two bisexual ladies madly in love? They already share an apartment, know each other’s flaws and brilliances, and have zero interest in marrying someone else for the time being. What could possibly go wrong?